Hyperpigmentation of various etiologies

Hyperpigmentation is common skin condition that can affect patients of all skin types, genders and ages. Irregular skin discolouration could be genetic, but most often it is caused by harmful external factors such as solar radiation, phototoxic and photoallergenic substances contained in medication or cosmetics. They may also result from mechanical injuries, inflammation, hormonal disorders or other health-related issues.

DERMEDIC dermocosmetics from Melumin line are an effective solution for skin with hyperpigmentation changes of various etiologies. Products contain an active complex MELUMIN Tristage, developed by R&D of Dermedic, which effectively brightens existing spots and counteracts hyperpigmentation during 3 stages of its formation:
  1. inhibits the activity of the tyrosinase,
  2. limits the production of melanin in melanocytes,
  3. reduces the transfer of melanin to the epidermis.
All Melumin formulas have been clinically tested on sensitive skin.

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