Hair is an extremely important element of every person's image.
The necessary condition for healthy and beautiful hair is a healthy scalp.

Such factors as various diseases (genetic, autoimmune or hormonal), body inflammatory states, stress, junk food, unhealthy diet, environmental pollution as well as incorrect care or too intensive hairdressing procedures cause many problems with the scalp and damage its microbiome balance.

The ever more frequently occurring diseases of affluence such as baldness, excessive hair loss and hair weakness, dandruff or excessive sensitivity of the scalp contribute
to a decreased well-being, patients' decreased self-esteem, the feeling of unattractiveness or even rejection.

In order to keep your hair in good condition you need to take proper care of your scalp.

CAPILARTE is a comprehensive line of hair and scalp treatment products for both
men and women.

Alopecia and excessive hair loss


Hypersensitive scalp