New generation of anti-ageing dermocosmetics

The biological age of your skin may not agree with your chronological age. Your skin is exposed to various factors: UV radiation, microtrauma, temperature variation, humidity, various health disorders, and stress. Regenist was developed with three stages of skin ageing in mind. The concept of the Skin Regeneration Activators divides the dermocosmetics into 3 groups depending on the condition of the skin:
ARS 3° URSOLICAL - Recommended for skin showing the first signs of ageing - mimic wrinkles.
ARS 4° PHYTOHIAL - Recommended for skin showing the visible signs of ageing - mimic and static wrinkles
ARS 5° RETINOLIKE - Recommended for skin showing very visible signs of ageing - mimic, gravitational and structural wrinkles

REGENERIST dermocosmetics by Dermedic Clinical provide effective skin care for skin showing the signs of ageing.

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