Dry, very dry, atopic, and allergy-prone skin of infants and children.

Dry skin is characterised by a low concentration of natural hydrating factors, metabolism disorders of epidermal lipids and disorders of sebaceous glands. This makes the epidermis rough and dull, and leads to hyperkeratosis.

Dry skin is often linked to atopic dermatitis – a chronic inflammatory disease which causes excessive itching. This problem is experienced by 1–12% of children in highly-developed countries. For more than a half of them, the first symptoms of atopic dermatitis occur in the first year, while for 90% – before they reach 5 years of age. Inappropriate care of this skin type aggravates the skin disorder.

The LINUM baby dermocosmetics by DERMEDIC provide an effective solution to treatment of atopic skin in infants and children from their first day of life.

Washing and bathing from the first day of life

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