Cicatopy / Linum Emollient

Dry, very dry, atopic and allergy-prone skin

Dry skin is characterised by a low concentration of natural hydrating factors, metabolism disorders of epidermal lipids and disorders of the sebaceous glands. This makes the epidermis rough and dull, leads to hyperkeratosis and often causes persistent feeling of itchiness. Dry skin is often linked to atopic dermatitis – a chronic disease which causes excessive itching.

Inappropriate care of this skin type aggravates these ailments. CICATOPY / LINUM EMOLLIENT dermocosmetics by Dermedic constitute a complete line of emollients recommended for treatment of very dry and allergic skin, particularly skin suffering from atopic dermatitis.

The primary component of the entire product line is flaxseed oil which has anti-inflammatory, calming and anti-itch properties. It accelerates the regeneration of both the epidermis and dermis, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and facilitates the treatment of bedsores, ulcers and boils.

Washing and bathing