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Causes and symptoms of skin ageing

The condition of our skin changes with the passing of years and is determined by endogenic factors which include: the passing of time (chrono-ageing), genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, health disorders, incorrect diet, vitamin deficiencies, and exogenous factors which include: UV radiation, smoking, microtraumas, environmental factors (temperature and humidity variations), lifestyle-related stress and inappropriate skin care.

Types of wrinkles associated with chronological age

The degree of ageing of our skin can be assessed on the basis of changes to our facial appearance which occur in subsequent decades of our life.

At the age of about 30 years, we notice excess skin in upper eyelids (sometimes also drooping of upper eyelids) and shallow wrinkles in the areas around the eyes - so-called “crow’s feet”;

At the age of about 40 years, nasolabial folds, horizontal forehead lines and vertical frown lines (between the eyebrows) are visible, neck lines are more pronounced, while the oval of the face is less distinctive;

At the age of about 50 years, the jaw line is less visible, the nose tip droops, the neck wrinkles are clearly visible - as are the horizontal bands of the platysma muscle, the sides of the cheeks droop visibly;

In later years, at the age of about 60-80 years, the skin becomes thinner and the atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue can be observed. This leads to the creation of visible wrinkles and skin flabbiness, “smoker’s wrinkles” appear as well as vertical lines above the upper lip, missing teeth are a frequent occurrence and subsequently, the cheeks become sunken and the adipose tissue becomes reduced.

Chronological age does not have to match the condition of the skin. Although skin ageing is a progressive and inexorable process, it can be drastically decelerated through appropriate care, a healthy lifestyle and skin treatments. This will enable us to age beautifully.

a comprehensive approach to skin
care strengthen the effectivenes
of cosmetics?

In your daily skin care routine remember to dedicate several minutes to massaging your face and to applying the cosmetic product correctly and you will achieve amazing results!

A correctly performed facial massage:
  • - stimulates circulation
  • - improves the skin tone and reduces sagging
  • - reduces stress and relaxes
  • - has a lifting effect on the skin
  • - makes the oval of the face more distinctive
  • - improves the absorption of cosmetic products.

Skin care products are best used after a bath when the skin is warm, the blood vessels expanded and the skin pores open. Faster blood circulation increases the absorption of nourishing substances included in a cream, enabling them to reach the deepest layers of the skin.

Apply creams and serums in the evening, as at night the skin displays better absorption properties of cosmetic products, leading to its quicker regeneration.


The condition of our skin is affected by many different factors. One such factor are genes which are difficult to overcome. It should be emphasized, however, that by using suitable care products adapted to the needs of our skin, in many instances we can greatly improve our skin’s condition ourselves.

First of all – avoid smoking.
The skin of a smoker ages quicker and looks much worse than that of a non-smoker, because it displays many photo-ageing characteristics. This is caused by the fact that nicotine and cigarette smoke accelerate the ageing processes of the skin.

Secondly – avoid excessive exposure to the sun.
Although summer strolls in the fresh air are of great benefit to our body as the sun provides our organisms with the essential vitamin D3 and many other substances of crucial importance to our health – excessive sun tanning accelerates the ageing processes of the skin. Therefore, in order to maintain a youthful look, we should avoid excessive exposure of our skin to the sun or use suitable cosmetics with UV filters.

In the third place – skin hydration, both from the outside (use of hydrating creams) and from the inside (drinking enough water every day).

In the fourth place – avoiding stress, as much as this is possible.
Stress is reflected in the condition of our skin – the skin becomes dull and dry. Also, stress-related illnesses can occur, including: psoriasis, eczema, seborrhoea, acne, losing hair, misshapen and brittle nails, hives, cold sores, shingles, allergy aggravation and itching.

Diagnosis of
the biological age
of your skin

The biological age of the skin is defined on the basis of its condition which is affected by:
  • - hydration level
  • - elasticity and firmness
  • - type, quantity and depth of wrinkles
  • - epidermal thickness
  • - skin discolourations and increased activity of the sebaceous glands
  • - dark circles and bags under the eyes.

The biological age of the skin may in fact be less than its actual age if the correct skin care treatment is used, and we lead a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet, physical activity and sunscreens with a filter against photo-ageing.

The age guidance displayed on the cosmetics is to help us choose the right cream, but the specification 30+ or 40+ should not be the only criterion when selecting a product. The biological age of the skin which defines its needs may considerably differ from its chronological age.


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